An engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but it is an emotion for couples going to be married. A symbol of the love shared between two individuals and the most valuable jewelry worn by one. Finding a perfect ring requires a long and exhausting process; hence, the ring you choose must be the “one.”

Here are the basic etiquettes you need to keep in mind while choosing an engagement ring for the love of your life.

Check 3 Basic Etiquettes for Engagement Ring

Choosing the right ring

Generally, it is your partner who selects the dream ring for you. Nonetheless, couples nowadays prefer to select the ring together, which is a correct practice and a more practical approach to picking the ideal piece. If your partner needs your help in searching for the right ring, help him as all the efforts are being placed for you only. However, if you are not comfortable with this idea, tell him without hesitation.

Furthermore, the concept of your sister or your best friend helping your partner pick out the right ring for you is quite appropriate. Using a helping hand can save him from the dilemma of getting the best ring.

How much to spend?

It’s a common belief that men should spend about three months of their salaries on an engagement ring. Notwithstanding, your fiancée should spend the amount he is comfortable with. It is always better not to go overboard, and have a practical, casual conversation together about it. You can spend the budget on other important future aspects such as buying a house or planning a honeymoon.

Knowing the ring size

Get your finger size measured at a jeweler before buying a ring. Go through an extensive ring size guide for an accurate measurement. Although you will always have a ring resizing option available, it’s better to buy the right size at first. Some rings, for example, full eternity bands, do not have scope for resizing. Therefore, buying a ring of the correct size can save you from the huddles of altering the ring.

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