No doubt about it finding a perfect engagement ring is an overwhelming task. But if you are an environment lover and looking for an eco-friendly option, the challenges automatically increase. Finding a ring that fulfills your style requirements as well as solves your environmental concerns, can be exhausting. However, you don’t have to lose hope as it’s not impossible to get your desired ring. Furthermore, you might set an example for others by opting for an eco-friendly engagement ring. As our world is already going through extreme misbalance in nature, going for such an option will leave quite an impression on people seeing your choice.

What is an eco-friendly engagement ring?

Environment-friendly jewelry is a swinging topic today around the world. Now, the question that pops up in our mind by hearing the term eco-friendly is – what is an eco-friendly ring? Eco-friendly engagement rings do not need a lot of mining of precious metals and gemstones that cause major environmental damage. Since no mining is included, resources are not required to be refined or transported either. This prevents additional pollution that could have been produced. Choosing an eco-friendly engagement ring can help to preserve resources without creating a further burden on our environment.

Here are some eco-friendly engagement ring options for you to have a look:

4 Types of Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

Vintage rings

If you belong to that association of people who admire everything vintage, you will not find anything as unique and perfect as a vintage engagement ring. Furthermore, when buying a vintage ring, you can be confident about the use of your money. Your money will not be supporting the causes of disturbing the environment and poisoning the land for sure. Although it is hard to find out whether the gem in a vintage piece is ethical or not, it sounds more ethical than the new in the market. There are a lot of stores that offer a variety of vintage and antique rings.

Synthetic rings

The synthetic ring might sound like a “fake ring” to you, but it is nothing like a fake ring. Synthetic or lab-created stones are as original as the mined gems. They are becoming increasingly popular today because of their excellence, availability, quality, price, and value. Man-made or lab-grown diamonds and Moissanite are the perfect examples of such gems. Lab-created diamonds are not only environment-friendly (because they are manufactured in a lab) but also ethical and conflict-free. Similarly, Moissanite is considered to be the second hardest gemstone after the diamond. These gemstones are great alternatives to mined diamonds and cost-effective too.

Recycled rings

Recycled rings are made of old jewelry’s gold that is melted and refined. After that, the gold is used to make beautiful rings and other new jewelry. There are jewelers and stores in the market who provide a range of recycled rings. These rings are a great choice for earth-friendly brides. Moreover, you can get your eco-friendly ring made from your old and unusable gold jewelry. Recycling is a recognized practice owned globally by jewelers. Every jeweler recycles their precious materials because it is not only environmentally responsible but economically essential too. There is no better way to maintain the value of gemstones and precious metals than to recycle and reuse them in new designs and styles of jewelry.

Such a beautiful way to contribute to the prevention of the environment.

Colored gemstone rings

Diamond has always been a prominent choice as a gemstone for engagement rings. However, this trend seems to be changing now as colored gemstones are rapidly replacing its spot as the fastest-growing trend. Colored stones offer you to choose a gem that suits your style and personality. Nonetheless, colored gems are not always ethically sourced. You need to research a little bit more about the gem and get all the required information before you finalize one.

The environment is important to everyone, from consumers to jewelers. Everybody wants to contribute his/her best in nurturing our planet, which is thoroughly appreciative. There are many other ways of making jewelry than mining gems and metals from natural resources. Today, many couples and jewelry experts who care about the environment, picking the recycled, vintage, or other environment-friendly options. Therefore, join the league and, be a proud bride to choose eco-friendly options that make less of a harmful impact on our environment.

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