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It is undeniable that the jewelry world cannot be perceived without earrings in it. Earrings have always been the prominent jewelry pieces adored by women. Regardless of whether you are a substantial chunky jewelry enthusiast, or admire to keep it minimal and classic, you cannot resist your love for earrings. This little pair of sparkle is capable enough to elevate up your overall look from drab to fab in just a snap of fingers. So check out the latest earrings trends in 2019 here.

Jewelry fashion keeps on upgrading season by season, producing bewitching designs and styles. Year after year we have witnessed a plethora of trends that leave us craving for more. How can the style of the earrings be intact of it? It is something that ameliorates with every new collection. The modern style of earrings is so stylish that no woman/girl will be able to withstand it despite different inclinations.

Earrings Trends 2019

Here are the top earrings trends of the year 2019 that are and will be ruling over.

Beaded duster earrings are the head turner

These earrings are certainly an eye-catching enhancement when accompanied by an elegant dress. One of the most sought after earrings of this year, they have given a new definition to the word “Duster.” Beaded duster earrings are available in various colored bead strings. Rainbow duster is quite popular among young girls now. Wear it as a pair or sport it like a diva by wearing a single earring.

Tasseled hoop

Hoop earrings had reigned over years; however, we kept seeing some add-ons in the style of the time to time and without any fail. This time again, hoop earrings are a talk of the town, crafted with colored gemstones and a long tasseled fringe. Wear it at any time, on any occasion and style it with any dress, they will give you a fashion-forward look anyway.

Miana tassels represent style with simplicity

Tassels have been quite a thing in the past few years. The best thing about tassel earrings is that they are made of simple threads and sometimes embellished by a stud, yet look ultra-modern. These thread wrapped tassels suspending from black studs, look astonishing on any outfit you wear.

Oxidized earrings

These gorgeous pairs are available in numerous designs. They give you a perfect fusion look. Oxidized jewelry is trending from the past couple of year and seems to rock current year’s fashion as well.

Charm of Feather earrings

This is another style of earrings that is rising on the popularity graph. These complement your summer dress surprisingly and comes in different styles, colors, and patterns. In addition to giving you a holiday vibe, these pretty ear accessories are versatile.

Pearl Earrings are love

Pearl has the capability to give you a vintage and stylish look together. Perfect as daily wear accessories, these earrings will never let you down. Stud or danglers, choose as per your style or go for a customized pair to stand out of the crowd.

All-time favorite Jhumkas

Jhumka is a very popular earring style in India. These earrings enhance the beauty of your ethnic attire, be it a simple kurta or a heavy designer Saari or gown. Avoid wearing necklaces if you are opting for heavy jhumkas unless it is a grand function. From artificial metals to precious gold, jhumkas has always signified their presence.

Pretty Sober hoops

Hoops are my favorite when it comes to earrings. They have been a part of the fashion trend since the ’60s. Since then, they have seen many changes in designs. However, plain round hoops are still a classic choice as earrings.

Studs Dominance

Studs can never be forgotten by women who like to make style statements; however, they don’t want it to be loud. Studs come in variations, such as diamond, gold, pearl, sapphire or any other gemstones according to your liking. Not only a business attire, but they complement ethnic wear equally.

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