Pearl is a stunning and gleaming stone found in the lap of sea-shell deep under the ocean. Pearl symbolizes sophistication, beauty, and class. It is the most admired gem of all time and is found in various gorgeous hues and shapes.

Pearl Colors

Pearl offers an astonishing variety of colors for every pearl lover. Whether you are a classic white lover or admire jet black, you will get the color of your choice in it. The most common colors of pearls are white, cream, green, red, gold, and black. A pearl filament may appear white, for instance, but a pink overtone may become noticeable when analyzed more carefully.

Here is what all pearl has to offer in color array.

White pearls – Because of their elusive beauty and versatility, women and men have worn and embraced white pearls for centuries. The white color correlated to purity in most cultures of the world. There are three variations available in white pearls: – White Akoya Pearls, White freshwater pearls, and White south sea pearls. These can be as small as 1.0-2.0 mm and can be large as 20.0mm in size. White pearls provide light pink, cream, and silver hue.

Black Pearls – These beautiful things have been seizing people’s attention around the world for ages. Black pearls are a hundred times rarer, thus, more expensive than white pearls. They are known to have mythical properties and legends surrounding them. Black Tahitian pearls, Black Akoya, and Black Freshwater pearls are the main variants of black pearls. Generally, their size is measured as from 8.0mm up through 16.0mm and higher. Mostly found tones of the black pearl is peacock (a mixture of green, gold, and rose)

Golden pearls – These are some of the largest and rarest cultured pearls in the world. The color shades range from pale Champagne to intense 24K golden hues. They are found mostly in the Philippine Islands and Australia. Golden pearls are known for the luxurious and affluent look they offer. It is believed that the owner of them is always imbued with wealth and prosperity. The size range varies from 9.0mm to 16.0mm and more. Common overtones of these beauties are Neutral (Yellow) Gold, Silver, Rose, Green/Bronze, and Champagne.

Pink and Peach pearls – Natural pink/peach pearls are cultured in China mainly. They are combined with yellow gold to make jewelry as it warms up the already existing pink golden hue, and increases the glitter. Freshwater pearls range in size from 6.0-9.5mm, however, the newer techniques have been producing pearls with an average size of 14 to 16mm.

Blue pearls – These marvelous beads are as unique and fascinating as they sound by their names. The real blue pearls are the rarest and come in a fabulous range of hues from sky blue to dark midnight blue. Blue Akoya pearls color is considered to be the consequence of a metabolic disturbance. They are cultivated in Japan and Vietnam. Blue pearls come in a variety of sizes having an average of 7.5mm-9.5mm.

Multi-colored pearls – As it is clear by their name, these beautiful pearls offer several sparkling hues. Multi-colored pearls can range in size from 6.0-7.0mm up through 15.0-16.0mm and more, depending on the pearl type you fancy.

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