Earrings have been there to enhance women’s beauty for ages. Furthermore, many cultures have their traditions and beliefs associated with wearing earrings as they have been worn as symbols of the community too. Earrings facilely grab people’s attention since they are placed near the face.

Five Gorgeous Designer Big Earrings for Women

Gone are the days when huge earrings used to be a marriage or other big function’s trend only. Nowadays, they are admired by college girls and working women as well. Big earrings provide a remarkably elegant look to the wearer. Below mentioned are the most popular big earrings designs for women.

Big Silver Hoops

The large silver hoop earrings bring glamour quotient to one’s appearance. Hoops come in a variety of designs from very simple and plain design to ultra-modern twisted and turned design. Silver itself is an amazingly decent looking metal that gives any jewelry an antique touch. Silver hoops look gorgeous on perfectly braided hair.

Big Studs with Gold and Diamonds

Stud earrings undoubtedly are the most classic and sophisticated type of earrings. Notwithstanding, they are usually smaller than the ear lobe making them less visible. These big studs have a big crystal in between surrounded by a layer of diamonds crafted in gold.

Large Pearl Danglers

Asymmetrical pearls in such earrings look like a bunch of grapes hanging from the plant. These big pearl earrings look elegant and can be carried with any type of attire. Combine them with your favorite pearl strand necklace or wear them alone, they look equally ravishing.

Bridal Diamond Earrings

The immense radiance of diamonds makes these earrings stand out of others. It deliberately acquires the whole attention to the ears. They are suitable for any outfit and because they are clear colored, you can always match them up with any color dress.

Huge Chand Bali

You do not need any other piece of jewelry if you glam up your look with these huge Bali’s. they have multiple levels of a half-moon. Starting from the smallest at the center, the moon sizes keep increasing towards the outer shore. Tie your hair up in a messy bun and rock with an ultimate pair of them.

The oversized jewelry adds an incomparable look to one’s look and can be worn by a woman of any age group. Large earrings radiate beautifully. Be it a casual or ethnic look, you will always glow up with them.

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