antique diamond engagement ring

In this era, for antique diamond engagement rings, jewelers have access to a large variety of metals in a range of colors. With passing time, people are forming an attraction towards more simplistic metals. But the metal that still has the power to woo everyone is the classic gold metal. Knowing about all three gold ring metals will help you in determining which is perfect for you and your partner. Like this, you will be able to narrow your options while you look for a designer diamond engagement ring.

White Gold

White gold is the most elegant substitute for yellow gold. It is an alloy of gold which is combined with a white metal such as palladium, manganese, or nickel.

Antique White gold diamond engagement ring features a similar look as the famous yellow gold. White gold is more long lasting as compared to traditional yellow gold and is less prone to dents, accidental imperfections, and scratches. But just like many metals, this metal also requires some care and maintenance to retrieve its shine and glow.

Antique diamond engagement rings in white gold always compliment every skin tones and preferences as compared to rose gold or yellow gold ones. It provides a classy yet up-to-date appearance. Although, rose or yellow gold engagement rings are best suited for darker skin tones.

Yellow Gold

While yellow gold looks similar to the amazing gold appearance that we all know, these metals are used for ring making. It is mainly an alloy combined with metals such as zinc or copper, providing affordable options to higher carat weight. People who are looking for antique diamond engagement rings in yellow gold should opt for higher carat weight to make sure you get a higher gold content in the metal. But be ready to pay a higher cost for it.

Antique engagement rings in yellow gold easily get dented and scratched because of the softness of its metal as compared to white and rose gold ones. Regular cleaning and polishing along with dipping are needed in this metal after every few years. This metal usually suits every skin tone, but it mainly looks perfect with darker skin tones. It doesn’t look as good when set against fair or pale skin tone.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is the metal formed by mixing up gold and copper alloy together. During the 1800s era, this metal was famous in Russia because of which it was referred to as Russian gold. Although nowadays, it is mostly referred to as rose or pink gold. Antique diamond engagement rings in rose gold are becoming popular day by day because of its unique and modest look.

While it makes the wearer having warm and cooler skin tones stand out easily, rose gold metal looks incredibly stunning on wearers with pale skin tones. Although, it doesn’t look as appealing with darker skin tones. Just like every gold alloy, rose gold metal also requires regular care and maintenance to retrieve its shine and glow. This metal is the most durable metal due to the copper content in it as compared to white and yellow gold. Although, people having sensitive skin can become irritated and even allergic to the copper alloy present in the rings. So make sure that you know about the skin condition of your partner before you buy antique diamond engagement ring in rose gold for them. In case your partner has sensitive skin, you can opt for yellow gold.

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