different necklace styles

Necklaces are the most important jewellery accessories for women. They always look out for different necklace styles first and then the other pieces of jewellery while shopping. Necklaces are the first thing that a woman looks in a jewellery set. For instance, if a necklace of a jewellery set is not attractive then no one will go for that set. Women use to wear necklaces for different occasions like wedding, engagement, receptions etc. Even for her own wedding, they first prefer to buy a necklace when it comes to jewellery accessories.

Here are some of the highly recommended trendy Necklace styles, specially designed for you:

  1. Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklace is quite versatile as it suits every outfit, whether it is Indian, fusion or even western. Its glamorous look will make you shine in any function like engagement, reception, wedding etc. You will always look gorgeous with an all-diamond necklace.

  1. Rani Haar

As the jewellery name says, the Rani Haar is equally majestic and has always been famous among royalty. This thick necklace contains single and sometimes multiple strands. It has different types of beautiful gemstone in it which includes mostly kundan,polki, meenakari and enamel gemstones because of their stunning look.

  1. Bib Necklace

The name of this necklace is bib because of its baby’s bib-like shape. Bib necklace is quite heavy yet gorgeous enough to be worn on its own or in layered form. The basic shape of this necklace is the one which covers the collar bones. Most of the brides prefer to wear it at their wedding to look stunning.

  1. Satlada

Because of seven layers of this necklace, it has named Satlada. Its seven layers are mostly thin strands decorated with pearls or gemstones. Satlada necklace is trending nowadays and can be worn with a choker necklace too. It is mainly made for brides.

  1. Meenakari Necklace

Meenakari necklace is one of those necklaces which has ‘lac’ inlaid in it, to give its look a colourful touch. These necklaces are inspired by tribal and give you a very classy look.

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