different diamond shapes for engagement rings

Diamonds which are engraved in engagement rings are available in every size and has a vast variety of shapes. Though, every diamond is unique in its own way. People with different personality are attracted to a particular diamond shape according to their likes. Also, the kind of diamond shape you choose is the reflection of your personality.

Round Diamond Ring

Around 75% of engagement rings are embellished with round brilliant diamond. This is because these 58 facets reflect to form an alluring sparkle for which diamonds are known for. The round shape diamond ring never goes out of the style which is why they are the most preferred as diamond engagement rings among people. If you are a woman with classic taste, with the love for tradition, then the round brilliant is the best choice for you.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Pear cut design has a teardrop-shape that looks amazing in larger fingers. This pear-like diamond shape has a unique and modern look. It’s one of the latest trends followed by many fashionistas. This pear-shaped diamond can make a bold statement when set in as an engagement ring. It is also ideal for earrings and pendants.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The princess cut comes in second on the list of most famous style for engagement rings. It is a square like diamond shape which has both traditional and modern look and can suit both outfits. People who love the mixture of modern and traditional style as well prefer this princess cut the most. Also, princess diamond rings are more affordable than the one with brilliant rounds, making them one of the best choices for many budgets.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The emerald shape is not that much popular diamond shape among people than the other ones. Although, it seems to be very famous among celebrities. Emerald features a rectangular shape along with cut corners and a giant flat table surface. These diamond shapes are very rarely preferred as an engagement ring. Emerald diamonds are cut with a step-style, that includes straight lines covering the edges that seem like steps. The diamond is often cut in a longer parallelogram or a wider parallelogram. Because of the wide aspects, emerald diamonds don’t hide their color.

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