difference between pendant necklace choker and chain

There many jewellery having different names which can be interchanged accordingly. There are few terms that can be used widely and particularly as well. You must be thinking about the difference between pendants, necklaces, chokers, and chains. These accessories are created to be worn around the neck. The term “necklace” is the most elaborative term as with its name you can tell that it is for the neck. Let us tell you about the uniqueness in each of them?

Difference Between Pendant, Necklace, Choker, and Chain

Enticing Necklaces

Enticing Necklaces

Necklaces are the most popular accessory out of these four categories. They are usually made with a metal chain of gold or silver. In some cases, gemstones are also present in the chain. A necklace with no diamonds or gemstones incorporated in it is simply known as a necklace as well.

A necklace is a sophisticated and classy way of beautifying women’s outfit. This makes it capable to catch the attention and complement your look. Necklaces can be as simple as you want and yet can have a complex design. They are worn by the ladies to highlight their neck.

Gorgeous Pendants

gorgeous pendants

A neckpiece that usually hangs from your neck is known as a pendant. Mostly, it is connected to the necklace through a loop. It commonly hangs straightly downwards. This makes them a good pair of a necklace. The pendant can be worn anytime and anywhere, but when it comes to any special or big occasions, women need a necklace to pair with it.

A pendant can help you make a fashion statement. It highlights your collarbone and neckline. They are so versatile in nature as a not only necklace, they can be paired with chokers and chains as well.

Pretty Chains

Pretty Chains

A chain resembles cable in its design. It is technically a type of necklace, so a chain can be a necklace at the same time. Chains are usually heavier and wider in appearance and weight as well. They feature a more modern and kind of a cool look. A chain may feature various chains as well which coordinate the best with your appearance.

These types of multiple chain necklaces can help you in a section off your neckline, collarbones, and neck. This makes it capable to attract the eye of people through its pattern, color, and material.

Fashionable Chokers

Fashionable Chokers

A choker is a kind of necklace which can fit your neck comfortably. They sit higher on the neck than the other type of accessories. You just need to make sure that you are not giving it any space to hang lower. It is a notable jewelry accessory which has a different and modern look. Chokers are usually created to help you stand out the crowd and it highly complements your look.

They use to help in highlighting your neckline and look really stunning along with the simpler designs which are fashionable and that give space to your collarbones and shoulders.

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