diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings are a common and most important tradition within every culture. This is a very special tradition for a girl, as she has been dreaming of the day when the love of her life will propose her or engage her by making her wear a sparkly diamond engagement ring, as a symbol of his commitment and the new journey of their relationship.

But most of the people wonders about the origin of this tradition and how it became so popular and important that everyone is following it till now. So, we have researched on it and stated some of the stories behind the same below:

History of the Diamond Engagement Rings

No one completely knows about the origin of this diamond engagement rings tradition. However, historians have mentioned some of the notions according to their understanding of its origin. Various anthropologists believe that the origin of this tradition began with the Roman custom which involved their wives wearing diamond rings. This custom symbolised their “husband’s ownership” of them.

Birth of a Popular Slogan

The birth of a unique and allure slogan occurred on 1948 which said that “A Diamond is Forever”. De Beers company has made this popular slogan. The campaigning led to large number of sales because of its catchy slogan which had two hidden meanings in it.

This slogan also represented the fact that diamond is durable in nature and the other meaning was the reason behind this slogan’s popularity. People believed that another meaning of the slogan can be the everlasting commitment that a couple give to each other. In 1999, this saying was proclaimed to be the “slogan of the century”.

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