diamond stud earrings for men

Gone are the days when women used to have a monopoly over diamonds. Nowadays, diamonds are not the best friends of a woman only, but also close buddies of a man. Men as well as love to flaunt diamond whenever possible. Stud earrings are the most favored diamond jewelry by men across the globe. Therefore, if you are a man looking for the statement piece of jewel to stand out or a woman who wants to gift something special to the man of your life, then buying diamond stud earrings is undoubtedly the best option for you.

The popularity of men diamond stud earrings is skyrocketing. Either wear them as a pair or opt to sport a single stud, both styles lead you to a classy and stylish look. The usual size diamond stud starts from one-fourth carat to one carat. However, if you wish to stand out of the crowd with a little show-off, and you are more into the stone, then go for a one and a half carats or bigger. Any man can opt for a diamond stud earring. The best part is that style is not limited to just people with higher income like athletes, businessmen or someone else. These types of earrings for men never go out of vogue. Choose diamond stud earrings if you want to give your attire a classy look.

Here we are with the three most popular and trending styles of diamond studs that you will definitely want to have.

3 Popular Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

The classic diamond studs in platinum

Platinum is the prime choice when it comes to any diamond jewelry. This beautiful and shiny metal has established itself as a durable and enduring choice over all other precious metals. You can choose your diamond shape according to your preference (Brilliant cut and cushion cut are the leading shapes in men’s stud though). The four prong setting provides this amazing jewelry an astonishing appearance.

Black diamond studs

Needless to say, black is one of the most favorite (apparently) color of men. The black diamond itself has the charm to make any jewelry look alluring. The studs embellished with black diamonds in a magnificent platinum base are something that will steal people’s attention. These sophisticated studs are a must have for a stud lover.

Diamond studs in a cluster setting

A cluster setting is known to give a jewelry all-round bling. Moreover, the cluster setting consists of many tiny diamonds which collectively provide an appearance of a single yet bigger diamond. Hence, if you don’t want to spend much on the diamond, you can choose the cluster studs.

For those men who haven’t worn a diamond stud earrings till now, let us tell you that it matches with all the outfits present in your wardrobe. You can also borrow a pair of diamond stud earrings from your wife or girlfriend if your ears are pierced and you want to see how it looks on you. And then if you really like its look, you can buy a pair for yourself as well. As diamond stud earring can suit both women as well as men, it is said to unisex. If you are confused about wearing men’s diamond stud earrings, try them. You might love the way they make you look. Diamond stud earrings always make an engrossing and beautiful gift which many men will surely like.

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