diamond pendants indian designs perfect enhancement in your beauty

India has been very rich in traditions and cultures and the same reflects in its jewelry style and design. Indian jewelry has its own significance whether it is traditional heirloom jewel or modern mixed metal based jewelry. Indian diamond jewelry is admired all over the world in any form. Pendants have crossed a long distance since their beginning. The Indian rajas and ranis used to be fascinated by diamond jewelry and pendants were an inseparable part of their daily wear. At first, it used to be a simple stone with a hole in it; however, now we have countless designs available to choose from.

Diamond pendants have always been there as a must have in Indian women’s jewelry box. Mainly two design types are popular in Indian diamond pendants – solitaire pendants and diamond with metal settings pendants.

Solitaire is pendants with single diamonds and counted as a timeless jewelry piece. As far as the royal history goes back, solitaire pendants have always marked their presence. These pendants look classic and can be worn with any attire from western to traditional to give you a rich look in one go. Commonly these pendants are sought-after as work wear jewelry. These pendants alone can do what a set of jewelry cannot to your look.

On the other hand, multiple diamonds crafted in the metal pendant is admired because of their limitless designs. These pendants vary on the basis of size, metal, and design. Some of the popular Indian patterns are floral, geometrical, religious and contemporary. Indians have a soft spot for gold especially yellow gold, hence, most of the Indian diamond pendants are crafted in gold.

Diamond pendants are a piece of jewelry that makes you stand out at any function. Furthermore, pendants are a bundle of happiness for your special ones when they divulge it.

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