diamond jewellery collection 2019

2019 is going to be amazing when it comes to a diamond jewellery collection. Designers are coming up with new, creative styles and reaching back to recreate the trends of retro. Whether it’s an awesome diamond shape, a chain, or an engagement ring with a stunning pendant. Check out the latest diamonds jewellery collection that is going to become popular in 2019.

Three Stone Diamond Ring

A diamond ring containing three stones in which the centerpiece is larger and complemented by two smaller diamond stones is topping the most loved ring among women. It’s all because of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring who is the Duchess of Sussex, for making this ring famous. There are different types of three stone look with a mixture of a colored gemstone beautified by white diamonds. This design offers you choices to utilize natural diamond as the primary centerpiece, whereas saving money by using lab-grown diamonds in the place of tertiary diamonds. With three stones, you can customize your budget and design as well.

Large & Long Earrings 

It’s one of the famous diamond trends that people has seen last year and going further to its energy in this year as well. Large, fashion statement earrings that stand out are very popular. There are various kinds of styles such as large mismatched earring styles, long shoulder-grazing chandeliers, and even earrings mismatched which have uneven size. This jewellery provides the diamond jewelers freedom to bring exceptionally incredible sculptural designs in the market.

Pinky Rings

This jewellery style is definitely a ring which is improving in flair and style. Pinky rings are very interesting kind of ring as they’re flexible. Pinky rings suits for women and men as well. They’re also one of the best options to show off your love for yourself. They are available in a wide variety of designs and have a never-ending appeal to its look. However, especially styled for the tiniest finger, but these rings are big in size in real.

Unique and Fancy Shapes

As technologies of diamond cutting have become advanced, designers of this era are motivated to create different and unique designs. Latest fancy shapes are coming frequently in the market. Diamond jewellery suppliers are also supplying sophisticated, fancy shaped diamonds to offer an unusual diamond vibe. Keeping aside all the fancy diamond shapes, there are shapes such as oval emerald, princess, and heart shapes which comes in the market from time to time. Some of the designers are also trying out innovative methods to form eye catchy visuals.

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