Diamond Eternity Ring – Everything about it

A diamond eternity ring is often signified as a glorious representation of priceless love. If you are looking for something wondrous for the love of your life, the eternity band undoubtedly makes an unbeatable choice. Eternity rings look completely affluent besides the sentiments it holds within. If you are hopelessly romantic, you will gush over them. Here is bitsy information about these amazing rings that you might want to know.

What is an eternity ring?

Generally, these gorgeous rings are embraced of a beautiful and costly metal band (commonly gold or platinum) embellished with a continuous sparkling string of identical and similarly cut diamonds. This ring symbolizes a never-ending love between couples. It is usually given to rejoice a milestone in their life like an anniversary or the birth of a child. Eternity rings are obtainable in various metals, diamond cuts, and diamond settings. Along with the ultimate choice as an engagement ring, these bands are also used to accentuate the excellence of your existing ring or a stack of rings.

The origin of an eternity ring

It is believed that eternity rings came to existence 4000 years back in ancient Egypt. Egyptians considered that the band showcases an eternity circle that is unbreakable and uninterrupted by anything, not even by death. The designs that were used back then were pretty much similar to the ones we adore in the current era. However, some of them featured serpents and slender stems connected on edges. Mostly, these rings used to be comprised of a metal band with stones either in its upper half or encircling the band completely. These were best to be gifted as a token of love and prosperous life.

Types of an eternity ring

Eternity rings mainly come in two variations Half eternity and full eternity. The first type is where the upper half of the band is crafted with diamonds. The second type of such rings is filled with perfectly aligned similar cut diamonds. The half eternity rings are mostly admired by people who love to keep it classic with a pinch or style while the full eternity band is perfect for couples looking for a continuous sparkle. Nonetheless, as they say, ‘creativity never ends’ – some eternity rings feature a small section of the ring top designed with diamonds (often styled with three stones or seven stones). An eternity ring doesn’t need to have an only line of sparkling diamonds in it. You will also have an option of eternity ring with multiple diamond bands.

What makes it so special?

The word “Eternity” means timelessness, and so is the magnificence of these stunning hoops. This ring represents the enduring love of a couple. These beautiful bands were said to symbolize the unbreakable bond between a man and a woman by ancient Egyptians. Our favorite celebrities also gush over this amazing ring, and that makes us inspired to have one. Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, and many other celebrities have been seen sporting striking diamond eternity bands. Moreover, eternity bands are stackable which makes us love them even more. You always have a choice to style your ordinary rings with remarkable eternity bands.

When to give an eternity ring?

Eternity rings have been quite popular among couples nowadays as they symbolize their never-ending love for each other. You will get a plethora of special occasions to gift the fascinating ring; however, this can be given anytime to express your sentiments for your loved ones. You can celebrate the special moment of your relationship with the gleam of an eternity band or make your anniversary more special with its spark.

In the past few years, many male celebrities have also seen flaunting their eternity rings. That made it more common and popular among men as well.

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