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Diamond color is the second most important thing to consider after a diamond cut while selecting diamond jewellery. Diamonds with the highest quality are colorless but others with lower quality have a noticeable color which appears pale yellow in color. Diamond color is graded on a color scale from D which is colorless to Z which is light yellow or brown. Diamonds with no color are known as white diamonds.

Search Your Diamond

A diamond chart has six categories of color grades that range from completely colorless to light in color. D rated diamonds are the extremely colorless diamonds and very rarely found. Whereas diamonds rated G and H are close to being colorless and are less expensive. This makes them the best-valued diamonds. The more you reach next to the color chart, the lesser the color grade you will find and the more you get light yellow hue color.

Buying Tips for Diamond Color

Looking to shop for fine diamond jewellery like a diamond engagement ring? Before you buy it, you need to understand how a diamond color has the power to change the prices. We bring you a few buying tips that will help you know about the color of the diamond.

The Second Most Important Factor

Diamonds with less color have a higher quality. Everyone love diamonds for their excellence and they notice it the foremost, color is the second thing. If the color grade is higher, the diamond will have less color and it will be more expensive.

Almost Colorless Diamonds have the best price value

Look for the G-J diamond color grades for the ideal value in the diamond which are almost colorless. These diamonds look very beautiful and attractive. The most important thing, there is a minor difference between diamonds of one color grade to detect but you can also save money after buying these types of diamonds. Keep these things in mind while selecting a diamond.

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