Complete guide to diamond certification

Who does not treasure shimmery gleaming diamonds? The shopping for diamond Jewellery itself specifies that something special is going on, a special event is about to take place or it might be an indication of wedding bells. That’s the reason behind people looking for the best diamond that fits such situations and also demand a diamond certification from the seller.

You must be wondering about how will you get to know the worth and authenticity of a diamond? There are some of the standard signs that can help you identify that. These signs are widely categorized as the 4 C’s i.e. Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat. All these measures decide the price and quality of the precious gem altogether. Here we will learn about one of the important expedient (the 5th C)- the certificate.

What is a Diamond Certificate?

A diamond is not just for expressing your love to the significant people of your life, but the amount of care you have for them. Furthermore, it is an investment for the future. Therefore, there has to be a standard that will establish a diamond’s brilliance. That’s where diamond certification comes on the map.

A certificate is an official document that includes all the appropriate factors of a gem and shows the true value of it. Certified gemologists assess the diamonds in laboratories and certify them concerning criterions.

A diamond certificate will imply the 4 C’s mentioned above i.e. the Clarity, Cut, Carat, and Color. It also outlines features like polish, flaw, and grade, and presents you with a precise picture of the diamond. A certificate also assists you in determining the replacement value of a diamond.

Top Diamond Grading Entities

Here are some of the most important diamond certifications that you need to know:

GIA Certification

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is attributed as the world’s top authority in gemology. The Global standards to evaluate the quality of a diamond, which is its 4 C’s, was created by GIA. They are very well-known for reliability in diamond reports and trusted widely around the globe.

IGI Certification

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) comprises the biggest laboratory that certifies fine Jewellery and diamonds. Itis bound to the strict international standards that people across the globe trust. It even enhances the customized formats for its certificates that assure various sections of the world.

SGL Certification

Solitaire Gemological Laboratories (SGL) is a free international laboratory with branches all over the world. They create an ideal network and utilize the same process and method to attain a global standard. The modern technology and best-in-class service make it a valuable contender for reports of a diamond.

AGS Certification

AGS or American Gemological Society is also a high-quality certification provider entity. It stands almost equal to GIA as their process is scientific like GIA. It is the second most reliable diamond certification in the United States and considered to be the best alternative to GIA.

Honorable Mentions

Except for the above institutions, there are some sophisticated entities that worth mentioning. HRD Certification, European Gemological Laboratories (EGL), Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, and the Diamond High Council are other institutes whose certifications can help you examine the quality of a diamond.

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