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People usually misunderstood diamond carat weight as a diamond weight and not necessarily it’s size. You should make sure that you are also taking a diamond’s cut into consideration while comparing diamond carat sizes. For instance, it’s not important that a high-carat diamond will only look bigger, with a poor cut grade, it may look smaller. This is because it is often cut deeper than a smaller carat weight diamond and a better cut. Our buying tips and expert tips will surely assist you in choosing the best diamond carat weight.

Buying Tips

You should consider both cut and carat at the same time while purchasing diamond jewellery. Sometimes a larger carat diamond having a poor cut grade can look smaller than a diamond which is smaller having a higher cut grade. Select a carat weight which is slightly below the carat marks in order to maximize your budget. For instance, consider purchasing a 1.9 carat weight in spite of a 2.0 carat diamond. This will help you in saving plenty of your money and no one will notice the little size difference.

Two factors considered by Diamond Carat Weight:

Top Diameter of a Diamond

The distance across the top (diameter) of the diamond is crucial to measure in millimeters as artistries check like this only after setting it into a ring.

Cut Grade of a Diamond

Consider a diamond’s cut grade as well. When a diamond has been cut properly which means it had very good or higher grades, the light will reflect out of its top. This will make it appear larger.

Benefits of knowing these two-carat weights while purchasing a diamond

This two-carat weight reveals that diamonds with small carat weight will look larger with higher cut grades which is perfect. If we do vice versa, a diamond with larger carat weight will look smaller with lower cut grades which can be good, fair or even poor.

More Expert Tips

  1. If you want to buy a large carat weight diamond but you have a strict budget, look for a diamond with a good cut such as SI1-SI2 clarity with an I or J color grade.
  2. Diamonds with full or half-carat weights are very costly. But those having lesser carat weights are less expensive. As carat weight is scattered on the complete diamond, their small size dissimilarities are nearly impossible to recognize.

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