diamond bracelet and earrings set

Earrings mostly tend to be paired with a neckpiece in a traditional way; however, bracelets are becoming a great choice when you do not want to over glam up your look. A diamond bracelet with a matching pair of earrings looks stunning. These sets have various designs; however, the top admired are tennis bracelet studs set, layered diamond bracelet set and designer diamond bracelet set.

3 Popular Types of Diamond Bracelets Set

Tennis Bracelet Studs Set

tennis bracelet studs set

Tennis set includes a stunning and sophisticated single strand diamond bracelet with matching stud earrings. In this set, the bracelets are thin and stylish that has a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. These are also known as diamond line bracelets. This pretty jewelry set will bring a phenomenal look to your dress, no matter what the color and theme is. Time to stand out in the crowd with these luminous pieces of jewel.

Layered Diamond Bracelet Set

layered diamond bracelet set

The bracelet is always an amazing idea for jewelry. How about wearing four or five of them? The second most loved bracelet set is layered bracelet set which gives an illusion of wearing multiple bracelets. This beautiful set has a prepossessing diamond bracelets strand followed by other metal crafted stone layers which hang downwards in your hand and look surprisingly fabulous.

Designer Diamond Bracelet Set

designer diamond bracelet set

Designer diamond bracelet set can be easily seen in a fashion magazine or as a part of celebrity accessories. These sets are high in price as the designer element gets reflected in the bracelet and the earrings. However, you can always get a customized set or a much inexpensive replica as per your budget.

Diamond bracelets and earrings set can be found in various metals of your choice from flawless platinum to romantic rose gold. Nowadays, everyone is fashion conscious and style statement matters a lot to them. These sets are a perfect way to create your own style statements. Go for the right piece and give a new definition to your overall personality.

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