Platinum is a bright and precious metal with white-grey color. It has always been a bit of a mythical metal, and people tend to be affected by certain misrepresentations about platinum. We have gathered the most common 5 myths about this alluring metal and have tried to dispel them.

Most Common 5 Myths About Platinum

Platinum and White Gold Are the Same in Quality
It is the most widely famous disbelief about platinum. Undoubtedly, white gold and platinum appear similar, but both are way too different metals. The quality that differentiates both metals the most is, the color. While platinum is a naturally white metal that never fades or changes its color over time, White Gold is originally YELLOW GOLD that is alloyed with other metals and coated with rhodium to get shining white color. The coating is worn out with time, and white gold jewelry needs to get re-plated to maintain its white appearance. However, it is not a case with platinum as it never loses its color or shine regardless of regular usage.

Let’s talk about the purity now – 18K white gold is 75% gold whereas platinum jewelry is 90-95% pure platinum. Furthermore, white gold is mixed with nickel at the time of making, which causes allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

Platinum Is Not Scratch or Dullness Resistant
This misconception is true to an extent– but every precious metal does so. In fact, unlike other metals, platinum’s surface gets harder when scratched. Gold, on the other hand, loses tiny flakes of metal every time it is scratched and causes the prongs to loosen their grip on gems or thinning of the shank. Platinum scratches at last meld together into “Patinas”, which is known to be a sign of authenticity.

The Myth of Platinum Being Too Soft
Completely wrong. Platinum’s melting degree is way too higher than gold. The jewelers who deal in platinum, agree that its malleability makes it the best material they like working with. However, it requires special equipment to work with it as a metal for jewelry.

The Price Being Too High
Platinum is undoubtedly one of the priciest metals (slightly more expensive than others) but it has all good reasons to be so. It delivers great value to customers when it comes to wearing and maintenance. The reason it costs a few bucks more than gold is that platinum is much denser (it’s heavier) and is much purer than gold (90-95 percent platinum vs. 58.5-75 percent gold).

To summarize, Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. Is this fact not enough to make platinum jewelry truly distinct and special?

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