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Choosing a perfect diamond necklace set online for your face type is kind of a big deal. Most of the women use to have a hard time while looking for a diamond necklace set to purchase. First of all, you need to know what exactly your face type is and to find out that, you need to google it. After you know what your face type is, you are ready to go further in this blog:

Diamond-shaped Face

long diamond necklace

Woman having a diamond-shaped face can sport any kind of diamond necklace set. Although, the necklace which will complement their face type the most are long necklaces which are tapered towards the end. They can also pair it with a choker if they have a long neck. This will complement their low cut neckline and make them look drop dead gorgeous.

Heart-shaped Face

three strand diamond choker necklace

Women with the heart-shaped face should go for necklaces with curves. Diamond necklaces set with large beads towards the end or three strand chokers are best suited for this face type. Those women who also have short neck should go for a necklace of short length as they will stay closer to their neck which will look perfect on them like gorgeous diamond pendants.

Rectangle-shaped Face

collar diamond necklace

Rectangle-shaped face women struggle a lot while choosing the necklace which can make their face look shorter. But sometimes, they end up purchasing a diamond necklace set which makes their face look bigger than usual. So, to avoid such thing, say a big “no” to necklaces Y-shape and go for a choker or a collar necklace to make your face look rounder.

Round-shaped Face

y shaped diamond necklace

The opposite algorithm works with the round-shaped faces. This means that women with this face type should avoid chokers and collar necklaces. Now you must have got to know about what you should prefer. You guessed it right, Y-shaped diamond necklace set always do the magic for women with round face. It makes their face look less round and also attract all the concentration towards itself.

Square-shaped Face

princess length diamond necklace

Diamond necklace sets with curves and twists are the perfect choice for square-shaped face women as the curves make the sharp edges of their face appear less edgy. Necklaces such as princess length, matinee, rope, and opera are the one to choose. So now, women with square face know which diamond necklace to buy for their face type.

Oval-shaped Face

pearl shaped diamond necklace

Women having oval-shaped face should go for the kind of diamond necklace set which is in the proportion of their face. With that detail in their mind, they will be able to buy diamond necklace set which is perfect for their face type. Necklaces having pearl-like shape, open link chain etc. are the one for you.

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