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The fear of losing or misplacing your diamond engagement ring is quite normal as you have spent a lot of money on it. But have you ever wondered that what if the hardest metal like diamond can also get scratched? Yes, you read it right, We have written this blog to bust this myth.

Most of the people think that diamonds are completely scratch proof and can resist abuse from every other substance. The reason why people think so is that diamond tops the scale of gemstones hardness. In the 19th century, mineralogist Friedrich Mohs invented the Mohs scale. It used to rank 10 common minerals according to their increasing hardness. This means that each of the minerals can scratch the below one and can get scratched by the above one. Diamond holds the top-most position on that scale with the total hardness of 1500. Whether the diamond is colorful or colorless, its hardness always remains the same.

The myth that says diamonds are scratch proof is a common misconception. This does not mean that diamonds can be destroyed or damaged easily. It’s obvious that if you hit a stone in its soft spot with any force, it can get cracked. That’s why cutters study a stone before cutting a piece of the hard stone. As one wrong cut can shatter the precious diamond. To avoid such incidents of stone being damaged, you should first check the setting of a diamond before buying it. For instance, a raised setting of a diamond can expose it to more destruction than the one which is protected from daily wear. It’s not that a raised setting does not have any of the advantages. It has the advantage of making the diamond look bigger.

This blog was not made to make you worry but to inform you about certain possibilities. This way you can take care of your diamond and protect it from getting damaged. And as every problem has a solution too, a damaged diamond can get fixed as there are different ways for that. Thus, the true statement is that even the hardest substance like a diamond has it’s breaking spot.

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