take care of diamond jewellery

One thing that come in everyone’s mind after purchasing any diamond jewellery accessories is how can we take care of them. As everyone wish their jewellery to look incredibly bright forever.

Cleaning your diamond jewellery is the best option for making them look brand new again. But the question is that how can we clean them without messing up the jewellery design? We have mentioned 4 DIY methods to help you in keeping your diamond jewelry accessories clean -:

Soak and Scrub

Even your diamond jewellery deserves to get a good bubble bath like everyone! Take care of your diamond wedding rings and other jewellery with tender, love and care. Also while doing it, make sure that no gems are coming loose of any jewellery.

Soak your fine jewelry in a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap for some minutes. After that, gently scrub the metal with a cotton swab, soft cloth, or gentle toothbrush and then rinse it.

Get Intense Shine

First, you need to soak your jewellery in window cleaner. This will make it look more shiny, whether it is in rose gold or yellow gold. This soak should not exceed more than one minute as it should be one minute at a time.

*Warning*: Do not soak your white gold colored jewellery in window cleaner. As its radium plating cannot handle such type of hard chemicals. After the first step, dip your jewelry accessories into mild dish soap mixture. Then rinse them with warm water. At last, completely dry them.

Keep your jewellery clean

You can take help of your toothpicks to remove the dirt that has been entered between the diamonds. Make sure that you do it carefully, so that no diamond of jewellery design is scratched or moved from its position. In case the fiber of any cloth get stuck in the jewellery, remove it gently by using tweezers.

Protect the Shade

For protecting your diamond jewellery accessories from fading, you have to clean them with ionic cleaners.

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