All You Need to Know About Ring Resizing

Rings are one of the most loved jewelry pieces for every woman, especially engagement ring. The hunt for the perfect fit piece can be overwhelming especially when you are finding it for your partner, and want to keep it a surprise. If you are fortunate enough, you will end up with a size that fits her perfectly and your proposal will be as expected. You don’t need to be worried even if it does not fit her properly as you always have the ring resize option available. Whether the ring is a bit tight or a little loose, having it resized is the way to go.

Here is what all you need to know about ring resizing:

The resizing process

There are many master makers who are expert in the art of resizing rings without compromising the original durability, design, and quality of the ring. You might want to know how come finish the whole resizing process with minimal error. Here is a brief.

When the ring is too loose

In such cases, jewelers cut off a tiny part from the ring shank, and then weld the ends of the precisely cut ring. Thus, the diameter of the ring gets shorten and you get the required fit. After that, the freshly joint part is cleaned, refinished and polished so that no traces of resizing would be there.

If the ring is too tight

The small size issue of the ring is much common than the oversize issue. To resize a small ring, the jeweler will cut the ring and place the same metal piece into the shank. Once polished and refinished, you will be able to find which part of the ring was cut open to resize.

Some jewelers go for stretching process for increasing the diameter of a small ring. However, this process can cause deformation in the ring that might look or feel weird. Therefore, we would like to suggest you opt for a cut and place method.

What if the ring cannot be resized?

There are some rings that are too complicated or almost impossible to resize. Some jewelers offer return policy; however, if your ring does not come with one there are some considerable alternatives that you can opt. Below are the top three suggestions.

Sizing beads

In this option, tiny beads are attached to your ring’s inside diameter. This helps in minimizing the gap between your ring and finger. However, they can be uncomfortable as the beads are placed downside.

Ring guards

These are tubes or bands made out of rubber or plastic that fill out space between your ring and finger. They are not a permanent solution to it though as they might warp your finger over time.

Securing by a tighter fitting ring

This is the best alternative for your loose ring. You can wear a tighter fitting ring to keep your ring in place. Wear more than one on either side, and it will drag you to the latest stacking ring trend. So far the best and a pro resizing alternative.

Some people do not opt for resizing as they might be frightened of the thought of ring getting warped. However, getting your ring resized by expert jewelers ensures that your ring stays as gleaming as it was. Furthermore, most of the jewelers include free ring resizing upon the purchase.

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