turquoise jewellery

Let’s explore information about Turquoise jewellery which contains a stone, a color, and a gem. This notable stone is one of the oldest gemstones which can be used for jewelry-creation in the world. It was found in Iraq. Aztec Kings and Ancient Persians use to wear Turquoise as well.

What does Turquoise Mean?

Turquoise is a French word which means Turkish. It is because Turquoise was first established from the Khorasan Province in Iran. For several centuries, Turquoise word is being used. That’s where Turquoise jewellery got its name.

Colors of Turquoise

The Turquoise is a unique and antique color which is commonly called as the intense blue which is used in Turquoise Jewellery. Turquoise as a color is really difficult to find naturally in a stone. Over several years ago, the finest mines which produce the best quality of turquoise color was established in Persia, but after that in the 1800s, miners discovered Aztec mines in the Western United States and Arizona. These mines produced very competitive turquoise in Persia and continued to be so in many ways. Currently, the US has become the highest producer of turquoise gemstone along with the best specimens supplied from Nevada and Arizona. The color of this stone originates from copper and varies according to the concentration of copper present in the chemical solution. This makes the Turquoise jewellery look alluring and amazing.

Famous Turquoise Mines

Coming to mining, the most popular copper mines are established in Sleeping Beauty and Arizona with the Kingman mine as the most popular mine in the whole world. Although, some other popular mines are Castle Dome, Blue Bird, or Ithaca Peak. Nevada is a major producer of excellent quality turquoise as well, present in the United States. New Mexico, California, and Colorado also generate Gorgeous gems with few of the oldest mines present in New Mexico.

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