Quick Glance on Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is becoming speedily popular as an exemplary option for gifts. The principal reason behind its skyrocketing popularity is the double value that a birthstone gem offers – beauty and meaning. Pre-made birthstone jewelry need to be purchased from recognized and reputed stores. However, you will always have an option to get your piece customized at your favorite jeweler. Be it a stunning pendant or a gorgeous pair of earring birthstone jewelry will be cherished forever once gifted.

What does a birthstone mean?

It is believed that the concept of birthstones first came in the picture when Aaron (the descendant of an Israeli tribe Levi, and the first high priest of Israel) sported twelve gemstones, symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel, in his armor. Nonetheless, there are many other myths and fables about the restorative powers of a birthstone. Different cultures have their distinct reasons to believe in birthstones.

Traditionally, these stones designate the month of a person was born. There are certain stones allied with each month, and in some cases, more than one gemstones are associated with a single month. Birthstones are remedial, and each of them carries a unique energy and purpose.

Why buy birthstone jewelry?

Regardless of whether you want a birthstone jewelry piece for yourself or wish to gift it to your loved ones, this is an unbeatable choice. Although you will get a variety of pre-made birthstone jewelry in the market, you can always go for customizing it according to your preference. Birthstones are often worn in pieces like bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings. Besides its special powers, it looks amazing with any of the outfits you choose to wear.

Moreover, the gemstone is fancied and preferred as an engagement ring gem among the couples nowadays.

The right time to give someone

As far as the ideal time to give birthstone concerns, you can present it on any occasion as it is a meaningful gift. Some of the best times to give someone a piece of birthstone jewelry are birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, mother’s day, and valentine’s day.

Birthstones for each month

As we have already mentioned, there is a special gem for each month that contains healing and therapeutic properties. If you have in your mind a distinct, meaningful, and lovely jewelry to give your close ones, get it embellished with the compatible birthstone, and make your gift remembered forever. Here is the list of birthstones associated with each month to make your research a little more precise.

Birthstone for January – Red Garnet

Birthstone for February – Amethyst

Birthstone for March– Aquamarine, Bloodstone

Birthstone for April – Diamond

Birthstone for May – Emerald

Birthstone for June –Pearl, Moonstone

Birthstone for July – Ruby

Birthstone for August – Peridot

Birthstone for September – Sapphire

Birthstone for October–Opal, Pink Tourmaline

Birthstone for November– Topaz, Citrine

Birthstone for December–Tanzanite, Turquoise

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