a mans guide to slay the look with earrings

Gone are the days when jewelry used to be a prohibited fashion thing for men. Nowadays, men are also bestowing their passion for accessories as equal to women. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, rings, and many more types of accessories are becoming skyrocketing popular among men. Earrings were considered to be predominantly female jewelry many years ago; however, now it is adorned by almost as many men as women.

There are few things that you need to keep in mind when wearing earrings so that you can incorporate them into your regular style.

Choose the right style

Honestly, there is no categorization for earrings such as casual or formal. However, some designs look much decent and elegant than others. Generally, it is recommended to stick on smaller hoops or studs as they give you a sober expression. Studs are the effortless choice for formal surroundings as you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention in such events. Avoid studs that are too sparkly to take one’s eyes off it because you wear earrings to enhance the grace of your outfit not to make it the focal point.

Hoops look great with casual attire such as a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. If you want to go for a hoop/pair of hoops, go for smaller ones that should not hang down below your ear. Choose black or matte finish hoops.

When to wear?

Just like any other accessory, you cannot go out wearing an earring every time. At times you have to leave them at home. For example, you do not want to flaunt your stud at your workplace. However, if you work in an environment that allows casual looks and accessories (fashion industry or a travel blogger probably) you are good to go with it.

Another time when you would want to ditch your studs is while playing a sport or involving in any other physical activity. There are chances of getting hurt by poking yourself with the pointed end of the stud, or someone accidentally can grab or pull your ear leaving you wounded.

Aside from a few scenarios including the above two, you can certainly go wild by accessorizing yourself with it. Another question that pops up in mind about men’s earrings is “how many to wear?” Whether you decide to wear one or two earrings, it is completely your style and choice. Either way, earring makes a statement if paired smartly with the rest of the appearance.

How to style

A plethora of varieties are available in the designs of men’s earrings to choose from. You can choose your style, and make people gush over your look. Make sure the earring you decide to wear should complement your outfit. Remember, the outfit is like an ice-cream, and the accessory is like a cherry on the top. Avoid wearing them with formal or business attire or go for subtle designs if you cannot resist wearing them. If you have more than one accessory on, ensure they harmonize with each other by color or metal.

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