6 at home tests to review whether your diamond is real or fake

Everybody loves diamonds, and this would be a horrifying nightmare if their precious diamond turns out to be fake. The current world is full of cons who never slip to mislead you at any potential point. Hence, it is essential for you to know whether the stone you are investing a fortune to buy is even authentic or not. The most efficient way to examine the diamond’s originality is by purchasing a diamond tester.

You might not be familiar with the structure and components of a diamond. Therefore, there are chances that you could be convinced to buy an entirely different yet similar-looking stone such as, moissanite and cubic zirconia at a cost of a real diamond. Frightening isn’t it?

Here in this blog, I would like to suggest some useful and practical tests at home to check your diamond. However, only an expert has the proper equipment and expertise to validate the authenticity of a diamond.

6 Tests to Check Your Diamond is Real or Fake

Heat test

Diamond components are uncommonly strong and do not react to high heat. Fill a glass with cold water. Heat the stone with a lighter for around 40 seconds. Make sure you use fireproof gloves or a set of plyers to hold the stone. Now drop it into the cold water and see if the stone shatters. If it does, it is not a true diamond as a genuine diamond will be irresponsive to this experiment. Diamonds, when heated up, disseminate the heat quickly and do not get affected by temperature change

Water test

You will need a regular drinking glass filled ¾ with water for this test. Drop the diamond in the glass, and see if it sinks. It does – it is a real one. If it floats at the surface or underneath the water level, it is a false stone as the diamond has a great density making it sink in the water.

Fog test

Hold the diamond with your fingers and breathe an air puff on it the same way you do to clean glass. Fog will form on the diamond as a result. Now, if the fog disburses right away, this is the genuine gem. It will take a few seconds for an artificial rock to dissipate the fog away from it.

Stone mounting and setting

Diamond being the extremely precious gem is always crafted in costly luxurious metals, such as yellow gold, platinum or white gold with a high grade of perfection. Have a look at the type and mount that is used in your ornament. Look inside the metal ring for markings. The marking indicates the type and carats of a metal. If you notice an engraving or a stamp stating C.Z, this is cubic zirconia. Similarly, 10k, 14k, and 18k indicate the carat of gold and PT or Pat shows platinum.

Sparkle test

Hold the diamond under a normal lamp and examine the reflection. The diamond reflects white light extremely well, spreading exceptional sparkle and it also reflects colored light and fire. You will easily identify the drastic difference between a real and fake diamond because of the sparkle it gives off.

The newspaper effect

All you need for this test is a piece of newspaper. Place your stone flat side down on the paper where a lot is written. Make sure there is nothing casting a shadow on the diamond and the lighting is bright. If you can read the letters in the newspaper through the diamond (The letters seem to be blurry though), the stone is fake. Reason being the facets of diamond refract the light into different directions making it impossible to see clearly and read the letters.

These test can help you in determining if the diamond is real. However, there are a number of synthetic gemstone with a complex structure in the jewelry market. Therefore, it is recommended to consult an expert or jeweler since they are experienced and know well how to spot a fake diamond.

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