What Is a Three Stone Ring?

Undoubtedly, every ring holds a beautiful meaning. The diamond ring with three stones symbolizes your present, past and future, making it a great choice for engagement or any other special occasion. It is also known as trilogy or trinity rings in common language. You want to cherish every divine moment you spent with your better half, and love the precious time you are having with her or want every small detail to remember worthy for the lifetime. Present her a stunning three stone diamond ring and be a witness to see the amazing expressions on her face.

These dazzling rings with diamonds side by side are a romantic way to represent a couple’s past, present, and future. And might be the accurate choice for the couple looking for an intense definition in their engagement rings.

These rings are extremely popular as engagement rings due to its representation and personal significance. These stone diamond rings can be found in various metals or can be customized as per customer’s priority on metals.

Nowadays, most adored and admired metal for three diamond rings are either platinum or white gold. The patterns are more or less similar to the three diamonds are arranged side by side keeping the biggest one in the middle (if the size of diamonds differs). However, rings are classified as per the diamond shape, size, carat, cut, color.

These pretty and classic rings are designed for men as well. There are plenty of styles available for males. And if you have your engagement plan in a row, you can get a couple rings designed for both of you to make you look inseparable. Do not hesitate to experiment with the color of the diamond and type of metal. Flaunt your love with pride and make people influenced by the sense of your love.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring Examples

When it comes to the design of a three stone diamond engagement ring, it is vital that the stones complement each other. Below are the popular styles of three stones diamond ring to take inspiration from.

Round Cut Trinity

This ring features a brilliant cut diamond as the center stone and 2 baguette diamonds on either side of it. The supporting diamonds facilely accentuate the grace of the center round diamond. The delicate platinum shank is an add-on to this classic trinity ring.

Cushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring

This mesmerizing ring has a considerably big cushion cut diamond in the center with two trillion cut diamonds on both sides. The partially paved band makes this ring an absolute stunner. Perfect for couples demanding a bit extra brilliance.

Emerald Diamond Trio

The breathtaking beauty of the emerald gemstone is enough to mark an impression on everybody’s heart. However, the supporting princess cut diamonds look magnificent. This is the ring for people looking for an unconventional engagement ring option.

Oval Diamond and Sapphires Ring

This amazingly unique combination is truly enchanting. The oval cut central diamond held by four metal prongs look excellent. Moreover, the deep blue round cut sapphires provide the ring a grace that makes it one of a kind.

Three Stone Ring with Emerald Cut Diamonds

Needless to say, the emerald cut is known to be one of the most elegant diamond cuts. The central emerald cut diamond in such rings is accented by comparatively smaller emerald diamonds. Together these diamonds proffer antiquity to the engagement ring.

There is no compulsion to present a marvelous three stone diamond engagement ring to your loved one on a special day. You can make any day worth cherishing and special by gifting her this pleasing and delightful symbol of love.

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